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Support for YGPSK has been discontinued and furhter updates will no longer be available.  Due to a massive hard drive crash back in August 2008, I lost all of the sources for this project.  A replacement program called PSKExpress is now available

This software is a simple PSK terminal progam based on the PSK Engine developed by AE4JY.  While there is nothing drastically new as compared to any other PSK terminal program, the logging fafcility was desiged for the Ten-Ten user. All log data is stored in a single CSV (Comma Seperated File) file. An export to an ADIF file is also included for importing your contacts into other logging progams that support ADIF. This software will also provide a callsign lookup using the QRZ, RAC or Buckmaster CDROMS or my FccLookup Program. An interface is provide to 'hook' this software to my TenxLogger program to allow automatic logging of contacs during the Ten-Ten CW/Digital QSO parties.

To run this software you will need a Windows Compatibale computer running any version of Windows 9.x or higher.  A minimum of a 233 MHZ CPU is also required.  I have run this on an old HP Vectra with a 266 Mhz CPU and 128MB of memory with no problems.  A good sound card is a must.  Try to stay away from those AC97 type motherboard sound chips as they have proven ineffective at times.  Although, I have run this on my Laptop with an on-board sound device and it functioned quite well. It has been reported this software will also run on a Linux system (Fedora 2) under the WINE emulator. I have not fully tested this on my Linux system, but it does not address the serial ports correctly on a Fedora 4 system..

Starting with version 3.6, the user can adjust the reference clock for the sound card to help with frequency stability when using those typs of soundcards that seem to drift like a Swan 350! Read the readme help file for further infromation on program configuration.

Downloaded the Setup Executable and launch the file. All the necessary setup function will be automatic inlcuding creating shortcuts on the desktop.

If you are applying an update to a previous version, extract the contents of the update archive into the folder you installed the program.  The updated files will be overritten.

Begining with version the software will interface with MMTTY to allow decoding and tranmission of RTTY. Please read the RTTY help document that in installed for further infromation.

YGPSK will now submit contest entries for both the 1010-Digital contest and the Open Season Contest starting in 2008. Please refer to the YGPSK Contest Supplement file.

Download the full program as a setup executable  Version

Download the latest update Version

Download the latest version of MMTTY

If you are using the FCCLookup program available elsewhere on this site, you must now have version 3.59 or newer.

This software is free of charge to the ham radio community. I do accept donations to help defray the cost of the web hosting service and continue the development of ham radio type software. If you would like to donate, please click the button above to donate via Pay Pal. NOTE: Prior to updateing your files, if you have an active log from a version prior to 2.9, you must Export that log to a CSV file using the Export to CSV function from the previous version.

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